• WASHINGTON – The Governors of the United States Postal Service are conducting a thorough, nationwide search for a successor to Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan, who announced her intent to retire effective Jan. 31, 2020. To facilitate the search and transition process, the Postmaster General has agreed to delay her retirement date. The Chairman of the Board of Governors, Robert M. “Mike” Duncan said, “We are grateful to the Postmaster General for her continued commitment to the Postal Service, and share her confidence in the Postal Service’s strong leadership team members who will ensure that we continue to deliver for the American people.”

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      Stop the Postal Sell-Off:

      Say NO to a Privatizer as the Postmaster General

      In light of the Administration’s influence on the Board and the White House’s demonstrated hostility to the mission of the public Postal Service, we have serious concerns that the Board could appoint an outright privatizer as the next PMG.  We’re organizing postal workers, allies and members of the public onto a petition to the Postal Board of Governors. We think this is a crucial front in our struggle to preserve quality, affordable, public Postal Service and the many thousands of community-sustaining jobs USPS supports.

      In July 2018 the White House announced proposals to privatize the Postal Service. Now Postmaster General Megan Brennan has announced her departure as Postmaster General in January 2020. The Postmaster General has wide powers to shape the mission of USPS and there is a real risk that Brennan’s successor could hand over parts of the service to private, profit-making corporations and prepare it for a wholesale sell-off. The people will rightly expect a new Postmaster General who will uphold the Postal Service’s public mission and will work to preserve and enhance our national treasure.


      We, the undersigned, believe in a public Postal Service committed to providing quality service to everyone, no matter who they are or where they live, at reasonable and uniform rates. Our United States Postal Service is an essential part of the fabric of the country and a source of good, living wage jobs for our communities. We call on you to appoint a Postmaster General who is fully committed to universal service and the public ownership of the Postal Service.

      Download a PDF version of the petition here.

      Sign the online petition here.

      Protect Our Postal Service

      Urge Your U.S. Representative to Co-Sponsor H.R. 2382, the USPS Fairness Act

      For years, the U.S. Postal Service has been burdened by an unfair mandate that threatens the vital services it provides. Congress can fix this manufactured crisis. Tell them to pass the USPS Fairness Act.

      It’s because of grassroots activism like yours that we will save our constitutional right to a public postal service. Since 2006, USPS has been battered by an unfair congressional mandate, costing it billions every year and threatening the service we need. Finally, there’s a commonsense solution to fix it.

      Use the form at this link to be connected to your U.S. representative’s office. Ask them to co-sponsor the bipartisan USPS Fairness Act, H.R. 2382, which eliminates the unfair burdens threatening to end our Postal Service.

      Legislative Update- S. 2965

      USPS Fairness Act Introduced

      Senators Steve Daines (R-MT) and Brian Schatz (D-HI) have introduced S. 2965, the USPS Fairness Act, on December 4, 2019.  The bill is the Senate version of House Bill H.R. 2382, which was introduced by Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-0R) earlier this year, on April 29, 2019.  Together these bills would repeal the requirement that the U.S. Postal Service prepay for future retirement benefits through continuing contributions to the Retiree Health Benefits Fund.

      The House version has bi-partisan support with over 290 cosponsors, which now means, by House rules, it can be voted upon by the entire House.

      President Hogrogian emphasized that this is the first step towards righting the USPS financial ship, but surely not be the last.  “We still need comprehensive Postal Reform, but meanwhile we will to continue to work with our partners to see this most needed reform is passed through the House and Senate and signed into law.”

      President Hogrogian wants all members to contact their Senators to ask them to support S. 2965.  Also, members should thank their representatives in the House who have signed onto H.R. 2382 or ask them to support the bill if they have not already done so.

      On June 26, 2018, the NPMHU, APWU and USPS reached a tripartite agreement Re: Update of Regional Instruction (RI) 399 Procedures.

      With certain exceptions, the MOU effectively withdrew and administratively closed all cross-craft grievances that were pending in the RI- 399 process prior to September 1, 2017.  The Update MOU also provided for monetary payments to mail handlers and clerks in consideration of the withdrawal of these grievances.  The parties have agreed that $14,500,000 will be distributed among mail handlers designated by the NPMHU.  The settlement and monetary payment distribution details were widely released and are also posted at npmhu.org.

      The USPS will make payment on this settlement in the final pay period of the 2019 fiscal year; thus, the settlement will be included in the October 4, 2019 paycheck.

      The National Office has established a union-run appeal procedure for any claims that may be filed (1) by Mail Handlers who do not receive a monetary payment on October 4, 2019 but who believe they should have been listed amongst the eligible, or (2) by eligible Mail Handlers who receive a payment on October 4, 2019 but believe they did not receive the proper number of shares authorized. The decisions made by this appeal procedure will be final and binding.

      RI399 Appeal Form



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