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    March 27, 2020


    RE: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    We hope this posting finds you and your families well. The Coronavirus has had an effect on us all and is a serious threat. It is our intent at the Branch, Local, Regional and National Levels to keep our membership well informed and represented during this Pandemic.

    At all Levels, on a regular basis, NPMHU representatives are meeting with their counterparts from the USPS to discuss Coronavirus issues.

    Branch Level Union Representatives meet/talk with Postal Management regularly within your building.

    At the Local Level, Local Officers have been taking part in regularly scheduled conference calls with District Managers from Connecticut Valley District, Greater Boston District, and Northern New England District.

    At the Area Level, our Northeast Regional Director has been on Daily Conference calls with Postal Officials from the Northeast Area.

    At the National Level, Our National President and National Secretary Treasurer along with our Contract Administration Department (CAD) have been in daily communication with the USPS-Postmaster General and Senior Postal Officials on a daily basis during this Pandemic.

    There have been several Pandemic related Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s) agreed upon to help protect our membership. Including the following:

    Temporary Expanded Sick Leave for Dependent Care During COVID-19

    - Temporary Additional Paid Leave for MHA’s

    - Liberal Changes of Schedule and Leave

    - Temporary Exception Period – COVID-19

    The MOU’s can be viewed at the following websites:

                    NPMHU National Website   –  www.NPMHU.org

                    NPMHU Local 301 Website  –  www.NPMHUL301.org

    In regards to issues confronting Postal Facilities at this time the high demand for supplies (Disinfectant Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Gloves, and Masks) has been at the forefront. If you need gloves or a mask ask your Supervisor. If they are not provided ask for a Steward. Enhanced cleaning measures are also of utmost importance (Bathrooms, Door handles, Timeclocks, Equipment, Scanners and any other frequently touched surfaces).

    If you feel cleaning is an issue in your facility please let Management and your Union Steward know.

    What we all can do:


    Wash your hands frequently

    If you feel sick, stay home

    Essential Personnel:

    Postal Employees are exempt from “lockdown”, “shelter in place”, general quarantines, and other restrictions imposed by state and local governments. Keep your Postal ID Badge with you at all times.

    Branch Union Meetings have been cancelled for the remainder of the First Quarter ending 3/31/20 and for the start of the Second Quarter as it is clearly unsafe for these large gatherings. Your Branch President will keep you posted as to when we will start scheduling meetings again.

    Local 301 has and will continue to hold Council Conference Calls with Branch Presidents on a weekly through this Pandemic to make sure your Union Representatives stay informed.

    Ballot Verification for New Contract:

    Ballot verification and counting is now set to begin on Monday March 30th and it is expected to take the duration of the entire week or longer to finalize and certify as it will be done by fewer people. If the contract is ratified more information will follow.

    On behalf of the Local 301 Officers, and Stewards I thank all of our members for their hard work during this difficult time. The USPS is an important part of the communication network for the country. Package delivery is expected to increase during this Pandemic. USPS Customers will be looking to order even more medicine, medical supplies, household items and food online. This is a time for the Postal Service and its Employees to be recognized for the important work they do.

    Important Informational Resources

    Local 301 Mobile APP

    You can stay updated with information on the new Local 301 Mobile APP

    Go to: www.NPMHUL301.org and look for “Download Our App!” module.

    Upon clicking the install button, you will see step by step instructions on how to complete the install.

    In addition to our Website, APP and Bulletin Boards further information about the COVID-19 is available on the following websites:









    Please call the Local Office at (508) 651-2227 if you have any questions.


    In Solidarity,

    Dan St. Marie

    President Local 301, NPMHU


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